Our Story

When you think of the medical imaging service industry what comes to mind first? Most people would think of CT, MRI, or general RF. Mammography and DEXA are commonly forgotten and this has created a short supply of experts in the women's health area. We decided years ago to emphasize the importance of these often overlooked modalities by specializing in the service and culture of this unique area of medicine. By focusing all of our attention in this field we have increased equipment up-time while lowering overall costs.

Our Approach

We understand the nature of women's health and the importance of making sure the equipment is operating properly.

We also understand that medical facilities do not have unlimited resources and must continually provide high-quality services while being fiscally responsible.

Because of this, we are committed to providing superior service with patient safety & outcome always in mind while keeping your cost as low as possible.

Next Steps...

If you need service now or are just interested in seeing how we can provide specialized cost-saving services for you organization, contact us today.